Self-Publishing Tips from Smashword’s Jim Azevedo

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1. In one paragraph, summarize the services of Smashwords.

Smashwords provides free ebook publishing and distribution services for self-published authors. When you click “Publish” at the Smashwords site, you’ll be asked to upload your original document as either an epub file or a Microsoft Word .doc file (we recommend a Word .doc file). Once your book is uploaded, it’s converted into every important ebook file type (e.g. mobi, epub, pdf, etc.) and then checked for any formatting errors. This process takes about 5 minutes, after which your book is available for immediate sale and sampling at If no formatting errors are detected, the book is ready for distribution through our global retail network–including Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, Oyster and more–as well as to libraries through our partnerships with OverDrive and Baker & Taylor. I should point out that Smashwords is free to join, free to publish…

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Creativity: Thinking Inside the (Pizza) Box.


Posted by Rachel Hamilton, author of The Case of the Exploding Loo and The Case of the Exploding Brains.

People often ask how you can teach children to be more creative. I may have accidentally discovered the answer .  . . ‘by being a slightly useless parent’.

It all began with a craft project. Most of my parenting disasters do.

Maybe there are families out there who enjoy making to-scale solar systems and erupting volcanoes. Maybe there are families out there who bond together over their papier-mâché space rockets in a craft-induced haze of glitter-covered glee.

Not our family.

So when I discovered my son’s weekend homework was to ‘build a medieval castle’, I knew where I wanted to stick the castle turrets. To be fair to the history teacher, he’d picked a particularly bad weekend. My husband was away for work, the house needed cleaning (doesn’t it always – what’s wrong with these houses?), I’d promised…

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Hard way people are learning, adopting a writing skills, key tips who are willing to write.

Aditya Deshpande

contentwritingBe Very Clear About Your Goal We are all selling something, whether it’s our ideas, ourselves or our company’s products. For a a SaaS company, a blog’s measure of worth is the rate at which it adds email subscribers to its newsletter. In the world of content marketing, emails are the most direct way of translating page views into revenue. Each email address on that list is a lead for the sales team.

The Fastest Way to Grow Traffic is to Post Elsewhere and Link Back Social, email and direct traffic will form the basis for a consistent traffic stream. But the best way to attract large numbers of new readers is to post on other sites with broader traffic bases than yours, and link back. If you don’t bring in new readers, traffic will flatline.

The Blog is a Lifecycle Marketing Tool Whatever you may be selling, you should…

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Call for Submissions: Eleven Eleven

Something New Daily

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Eleven Eleven is seeking daring and insightful submissions of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art and literary criticism and drama. “We are especially interested in fabulist, interstitial and/or experimental prose. We love translations and writing from outside the US. We also love recovery projects (archival work that draws attention to writers who may have fallen off the map – query us beforehand!)” They are currently reading submissions for issue 19 until March 1, or until they hit 200 submissions, whichever comes first. Submit online:

Keep Dreaming Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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Blog writing made easier for beginners!


First thing to remember about writing a blog. You are writing it for yourself. You are its first reader. But you do not need to be its first critic though. Just write first. Postpone your NEED to sound and read perfect for some other time. Your readers, followers and fans enter into the picture later. But first you are writing it and publishing it for yourself.

Publish it when you are still writing it. Write even after it has been published. Write and publish. Publish and write. There is always plenty of space and time for improvements. Now is the time to publish your blog. Now is the time to publish your thoughts and feelings while they are still afresh. And by the way, wonder how this blog is being written? This blog is generating itself and describing how it is being made. This is a work in progress. And progress is good!


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How people read fiction (musings by an unexperienced author)

Francesco Marincola

How people read novels

(Musings by an inexperienced author and comment to the comment by Jamie Marincola)

This comment was inspired by the feedback received by those who read my first novel “The Wise Men of Pizzo” to whom I am grateful and I dedicated this blog. My son Jamie commented on my common and this is also added at the end of the blog.

Souk Waqif January 2015 Souq Waqif – January 2015


Since the publication of the Wise Men of Pizzo, I received several comments, mostly constructive, from friends and strangers who happened to stumble onto the novel. I am of course grateful to all for bothering not only to read but also take the time to comment. Besides teaching how better to express myself in the future, the correspondence offered intriguing insights about the psychology of reading fiction. I was surprised by the different reactions that departed not only…

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Call for Submissions: Pinch

Something New Daily

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

It’s Submission Saturday y’all! I know how excited you must be so I won’t waste any time giving you the first publishing opportunity. The Pinch is the literary journal for Department of English The University of Memphis. They are accepting submissions of fiction, creative nonfiction, flash pieces, poetry, and art and photography between August 15th and March 15th. Make sure to check out their guidelines before submitting online at:

Keep Submitting Beautiful Thinkers,

The Boy In The Heart Shades

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