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“A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.”  – Thomas Mann

I stumbled across this quote on the @AdviceToWriters Twitter account not long ago and it’s really stuck with me.

As a young writer there are times I question why I chose this career path. In my day-to-day job, I write seven stories every week. The second I close a week of writing, I’m already preparing for the next….and the next. I’m writing a book. I freelance. I like to post on my blog. I even wrote a speech this week.

I write more than I ever thought I would and it’s tough. It’s tougher than I thought, especially when the writing part just doesn’t come easy.

In a world where, through social media, we see people post story after story after story, with so much content circling around at such a…

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New Writing Craft Book

I love this, very useful


As a writer, I’m always on the look-out for new writing resources. This upcoming book sounds interesting.

I will soon be releasing the second volume of the series Power Elements Of Fiction, this one all about characters. This book, like the first on story structure reworks and organizes things I’ve written over the years both here and on my personal blog.

The thing is, true to the nature of writing, the reworking of a post often means it has new examples or better cohesion. Plus, the juxtaposition of one topic to another can reinforce important things about developing characters. Learn more.


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Motivation of The Day…

Hi guys, I thought this is good, it gets you thinking.

The Lone Panda


When I saw this I thought, now here is a quote that makes me think about my actions. Is the effort that I put forward today going to carry on over to tomorrow? Am I striving to reach my goals?

I suppose the honest truth is, that I am taking itty bitty steps in the right direction. No, I might not be taking giant strides and accomplishing my goals in leaps and bounds . But I am, however, doing little things here and there. Yes it might take me longer but it’s a choice that I am willing to sacrifice for.

Don’t let today or any day for that matter, be a mundane one. Don’t let it be meaningless. And no matter how small a step you’re taking towards your ambitions, it’s a step! Which is the most important thing of all.

Peace, Love and Panda Happiness

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