How people read fiction (musings by an unexperienced author)

Francesco Marincola

How people read novels

(Musings by an inexperienced author and comment to the comment by Jamie Marincola)

This comment was inspired by the feedback received by those who read my first novel “The Wise Men of Pizzo” to whom I am grateful and I dedicated this blog. My son Jamie commented on my common and this is also added at the end of the blog.

Souk Waqif January 2015 Souq Waqif – January 2015


Since the publication of the Wise Men of Pizzo, I received several comments, mostly constructive, from friends and strangers who happened to stumble onto the novel. I am of course grateful to all for bothering not only to read but also take the time to comment. Besides teaching how better to express myself in the future, the correspondence offered intriguing insights about the psychology of reading fiction. I was surprised by the different reactions that departed not only…

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