Hard way people are learning, adopting a writing skills, key tips who are willing to write.

Aditya Deshpande

contentwritingBe Very Clear About Your Goal We are all selling something, whether it’s our ideas, ourselves or our company’s products. For a a SaaS company, a blog’s measure of worth is the rate at which it adds email subscribers to its newsletter. In the world of content marketing, emails are the most direct way of translating page views into revenue. Each email address on that list is a lead for the sales team.

The Fastest Way to Grow Traffic is to Post Elsewhere and Link Back Social, email and direct traffic will form the basis for a consistent traffic stream. But the best way to attract large numbers of new readers is to post on other sites with broader traffic bases than yours, and link back. If you don’t bring in new readers, traffic will flatline.

The Blog is a Lifecycle Marketing Tool Whatever you may be selling, you should…

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