Creativity: Thinking Inside the (Pizza) Box.


Posted by Rachel Hamilton, author of The Case of the Exploding Loo and The Case of the Exploding Brains.

People often ask how you can teach children to be more creative. I may have accidentally discovered the answer .  . . ‘by being a slightly useless parent’.

It all began with a craft project. Most of my parenting disasters do.

Maybe there are families out there who enjoy making to-scale solar systems and erupting volcanoes. Maybe there are families out there who bond together over their papier-mâché space rockets in a craft-induced haze of glitter-covered glee.

Not our family.

So when I discovered my son’s weekend homework was to ‘build a medieval castle’, I knew where I wanted to stick the castle turrets. To be fair to the history teacher, he’d picked a particularly bad weekend. My husband was away for work, the house needed cleaning (doesn’t it always – what’s wrong with these houses?), I’d promised…

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