Edit My Novel – Character Development

Apples and Peanuts

Character Development is the second topic on the outline. Yes, we aren’t even looking at the manuscript yet. Remember this is made up based on the outline of the Faber Academy course.

So how do we do this? Well go through your manuscript and write down all the characters, yes I mean ALL the characters in your novel. Every single one of them that appears and then write a bio for them.

Now I found this difficult and time-consuming task namely because I found the questions lengthy and boring and obviously I didn’t know anything of my characters ATALL even though I’ve written about 12,000 words in a novella format. Talking head syndrome to say the least.

To be fair it is something I’d have never done when editing a story. I’d have just zoomed into the novel and start tampering with scenes, motivation, description. But this is interesting…

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