Rejection Never Leaves

Descent Into Slushland


As an author who regularly submits short stories to editors and presses, I can tell you that rejection will never leave any writer. Yep, even an agented author who is in the middle of a three book contract with a publisher, still gets rejected. And guess what? I understand and accept those rejections.

Let’s take a look at some of the different forms of rejections you may come across during your submission adventures.

It’s not you, it’s me. Maybe my stories don’t quite fit with the editor’s vision. I once had a very nice rejection (yes, rejections can be nice!) from an editor who explained that while my story was of a high quality, it didn’t fit in with what they were trying to accomplish with their anthology. The same editor went on to encourage me to submit more stories in the future. In this scenario, the editor liked my…

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Writer’s Block Is Like Constipation

Hold Up - I Have Something To Say

My brain is unable to create anything that is supposed to be put on paper.

Your colon can also be unable to create anything that is supposed to be on paper.

I’ve been stuck for almost a week. I think this whole Ebola thing has me in a funk. I mean, Ebola isn’t funny. It’s an insidious disease.writersblock This is what I get for watching the news. My mind is full of thoughts about war, ISIS, be-headings, and Ebola.

I went on the Internet–which is the Bat-Phone in its glory days–to get some help. I needed a beacon of light to show me the way through the darkness of this vast abyss we call writer’s block.

When I looked at some of the ideas, I laughed. I know. Me, laugh? This never happens.

These are some of the helpful tips I received:

1. Make time for your writing. Well, this…

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