The Written Word

BLOG by Shirley Lise

The written word is powerful! It has impact. It challenges. It provokes. It entertains. All through history, prose has been written, periodicals circulated, and books distributed and put into the hands of its readers. No one can debate the importance of the mode of passion expressed via the written word.

Think of a world without the written word. Yes, one could still express oneself verbally, with body sign- language, through picture and song, but without words on paper or virtual document, a great stifling of interaction would take place. Instead of words on the pages of a paperback novel, a study course, or other discourse in print to devour in accordance with one’s own timetable, an exchange via lengthy face-to-face personal encounters would be necessary. One could argue that face-to-face encounters are more interactive and therefore preferable, but the reality of  busy schedules and time being of the essence, most would agree…

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