Writing Challenge Accepted! Turning a Random Group of Words Into a Story

Books are Delicious!

You may have noticed that I’ve had a bit of a blogging hiatus. After Camp Nanowrimo I needed a blogging/writing break to focus on my family.  I missed blogging and writing but the longer I spent away, the more anxiety I felt about trying to catch up.  The thought of returning to my routine seemed overwhelming. What I really needed was a push and thankfully, my writing buddy Brianne (itlookseasyinthemovies) has given me just the kick in the pants I needed. Brianne issued me a writing challenge from her new blog It’s This or Grad School. She wrote:

I propose we assign each other writing prompts on alternating weeks. Responses will be limited to between 500-750 words, and will in no way require perfection, complete plots, or literary merit. It will require creativity, a response within a week, and a reciprocating word prompt throw-down.

Sounds easy enough. Here is the…

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