About Narrative Focus

Alexandrina Brant

My writing has a tendency to go off topic. In fact, this is an extension of my general thought-patterns, I believe. It’s difficult to concentrate on a single topic at the rate that they flit through my head. No wonder my degree is bipartite.

Despite how important it is, only recently did I learn of narrative focus as by its term, and many writers might still not be utilising focus to its full extent.

What is Narrative Focus?

As complicated as the term might seem, narrative focus is simply the way the writer, through use of a character first-person narrator or third-person abstract narrator, guides the reader through a set of events.

Narrative focus might be used to describe that sense of flow between paragraphs – the way the narrator mentions a certain event and holds that event to task for a page or so. ‘Narrative focus’ also applies to…

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