Starting A Successful Blog


The book I read to research this post was How To Start A Successful Blog In 1 Hour by Steve Scott which is a very good book that I bought. Actually I think this book was free but I’m not sure. I also think this book is around 60 pages so is a fair length. This is a book about setting what he insists should preferably be a self hosted blog using wordpress and something called cpanel. WordPress is open source and although there is a hosted option that is free he thinks if you go self hosted it gives you more control over your blog and allows you to make money which isn’t allowed in general with hosted. One exception might be if you use blogger they let you get paid when someone clicks an ad on your page but normally the blog provider makes all the money from…

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The Written Word

BLOG by Shirley Lise

The written word is powerful! It has impact. It challenges. It provokes. It entertains. All through history, prose has been written, periodicals circulated, and books distributed and put into the hands of its readers. No one can debate the importance of the mode of passion expressed via the written word.

Think of a world without the written word. Yes, one could still express oneself verbally, with body sign- language, through picture and song, but without words on paper or virtual document, a great stifling of interaction would take place. Instead of words on the pages of a paperback novel, a study course, or other discourse in print to devour in accordance with one’s own timetable, an exchange via lengthy face-to-face personal encounters would be necessary. One could argue that face-to-face encounters are more interactive and therefore preferable, but the reality of  busy schedules and time being of the essence, most would agree…

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New Blog Post: Why Do We Write?


imagesI want to write about writing. I don’t want to tell you how to write a query letter or a TV show bible or the script that will get sold vs. the one that won’t. The fact is there are thousands of people writing about these things and we have the right things to say and if you’re in the right place at the right time and you have talent and some luck and a great deal of determination you will become a working writer. There is no doubt in my mind that it is so.

I’m interested in why people write. Many people talk on and on about writing and never do it. Some people are good at one kind of writing and not another. Some write books but cannot write screenplays. Some can write television but not features and vice versa. Poets! Yes, there are still poets and…

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In Search of My Dream Reader


One of the first assignments from Blogging 101 was to write a blog to our dream reader. At the time I was unable to define that idea. Who was my dream reader? Heck, I was happy to have anyone read anything I wrote.

This blog was originated to find help or someone else on the planet who had Bells Palsy as long as I’d had it or possibly someone who could help me get rid of it. That was almost three years ago and I’d already had Bells almost two years. It will be five years in February. I wanted contact with the outside world since I was at the time virtually housebound, unable to drive anymore or walk without a cane since my balance had become impaired by the illness.

My dream reader in no longer someone who can help me but more someone to whom I can forward…

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A Writing Class Experience

Sherwood Hughes

In the first half of 2014 I decided to take a creative writing class. The class was in Cambridge Massachusetts and funnily enough, taught by a neighbor that lives a few blocks from me in the South End of Boston.  I was later to discover that we also have at least one friend in common — yes, Boston is small.

So I dutifully signed up, paid my fee, and got myself psyched for “going back to school.” I actually like school, so that wasn’t a huge stretch. I also figured, if anything, it would help me with the seven chapters of a murder mystery I’d already spent a number of months researching, taking notes for, and writing. Yes, you guessed it, I work slowly at things I don’t know, and at 150 miles an hour at things I do know well. So it’s safe for you to assume that writing is a new…

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