Writing’s True Magic

Martine Lillycrop

runeMost people only write when they have to. Shopping lists, emails. Essential, everyday stuff like that. They don’t do it for pleasure. They don’t do it for sharing. It’s a means of communication, or for jogging the memory.

When someone crosses that line and begins to write as a form of expression, then their relationship with writing changes. I imagine that, for each writer, the relationship is as unique and individual as they are. The journey a writer undertakes, getting to know words, how they fit together, how they convey meaning and all the other vagaries creative writing involves, can be smooth or rough, short or long. Some people have a natural affinity, while others must learn its wayward subtleties the hard way.

One aspect I find fascinating about writing, or more generally about words and language, is its ability to infiltrate that area of the brain we know as…

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