The Cruelty of Edits

The Krystol Method


Editing is a very important tool for any writer. As writer’s there are some that can both write and edit. If this is you, I am very envious. I have to buy books and hire an editor for my work. One would think that I would have it down but nope. I get the punctuation mixed up and I notice some run ons. I’m a work in progress. A writer’s job is to well, write! We have to come up with these awesome stories and once we get them out there whether it’s a script for a novel, the world (or so we think) will criticize our work. That’s the hardest part of writing, seeing who thinks we have good skills or not. One time I turned in a paper for my undergrad and I just knew it was edited properly. I had done it myself. I read and read…

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