Monday Motivation: Just Fifteen Minutes

Sarah Painter

ID-10041972I’ve talked about this technique before, but it’s worth repeating. If there is something you don’t really want to do (tax return, cleaning the bathroom, writing your book), set a timer and tell yourself you’re just going to work on it for fifteen minutes.

This instantly removes some of pressure. I mean, you can do anything for fifteen tiny minutes!

You might think ‘there’s no point, what can I accomplish in such a short space of time?’, but you would be surprised.

Think about how much cleaning you get done just before some visitors arrive? Or how many emails you can power through when you know you’ve got to leave work in ten minutes to catch your train?

Plus, you might find that when the timer goes off, you’ve become so engrossed in the task that you just continue…

If you fancy trying the technique and you don’t have a…

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How To Be A Professional Writer

Melissa Holden, Writer

If you want advice on how to be a professional writer, and you’ve been on Google looking for tips: STOP!

Yes, there are ways to improve your productivity, or your technique, but you can’t learn how to become a professional writer/poet/blogger – it just happens. I didn’t sit down and say “Oh, today I’m going to start becoming a real author” – I just did it.

But, if you really want a list of things that will help you become a professional writer: stick around.

Be Prepared For A Lack Of Sleep: 

Garfield Sleep

Writers write when they have to, but more so when they are hit by random inspiration. So be prepared for an idea to slap you around the face at 3 am, and you’ll have to write it down!

You’ll have a lot of late nights because you’ve got home from school/work and needed to finish that chapter, so when…

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Focal – Wexford Literary Festival

Caroline Busher

An exciting new Irish Literary Festival is set to take place this year in Enniscorthy from 27th-29th June. During which both Irish and International Writers will be providing masterclasses. And the line up for this event is very impressive.  The weekend starts on Friday night where Scallta Media will  showcase the work of Poet Natalie Anderson from the USA, Eamon Wall a Writer from Wexford as well as Kathy Kirkpatrick a poet and biographer from the USA. We will also get the opportunity to hear Drucilla Mims-Walls a Poet from the USA reading her work. As well as as this I will be reading a piece from my novel and I am very much looking forward to what should be a great evening. On the Saturday and Sunday there will be Masterclasses given by writers such as author and playwright Carmel Harrington as well as the very talented Wexford Playwright…

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80. How to Paraphrase




Write paraphrases without looking at the source text, and avoid synonym-substitution.



Paraphrase means changing the wording of a text without changing its meaning, while a paraphrase (with countable a) is the new wording created (see 14. Countable Noun Meanings 1). The main use of paraphrase in formal writing is to report (with a suitable academic reference) what another writer has said. This can also be done by quotation (see 79. Quotation-Writing Problems), but that is less common, being preferred only when there is a good reason for keeping the original wording, for example because it is clever or very concise or ambiguous.

Successful paraphrase has two major requirements: keeping faithful to the original meaning and changing the words in the right way. This post offers advice in both of these areas.




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The Cruelty of Edits

The Krystol Method


Editing is a very important tool for any writer. As writer’s there are some that can both write and edit. If this is you, I am very envious. I have to buy books and hire an editor for my work. One would think that I would have it down but nope. I get the punctuation mixed up and I notice some run ons. I’m a work in progress. A writer’s job is to well, write! We have to come up with these awesome stories and once we get them out there whether it’s a script for a novel, the world (or so we think) will criticize our work. That’s the hardest part of writing, seeing who thinks we have good skills or not. One time I turned in a paper for my undergrad and I just knew it was edited properly. I had done it myself. I read and read…

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Introducing: Project Ascension

Digital Eccentric

Well, this is rather exciting. Last year, I told you guys I was working on my first novel, codenamed ‘Project Author’ (I have a great imagination). Yesterday, I was proud to announce that I’d officially finished the First Draft of that book, and I’m here to share a few details with you now, and to lay-out the plan for the coming weeks. So, without further ado, please say hello to Project Ascension.

Ascension” is the current working-title for my book, which is a series of four (for the moment anyway, that could change). I haven’t decided whether I’ll just call the series ‘Ascension’, and name the books something else, or maybe have a subtitle e.g. Ascension: Awesomeness or something like that, or simply keep it to Ascension: Book One etc…, those are questions for another time, but the meaning of the word, and the theme, are fairly important…

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